FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I buy myVIBS?

    You can buy myVIBS directly from us at a price of 115,00 € (including VAT) sending an Email to customer@myvibs.com.
    Or, if you prefer, you can ask your preferred musical instrument shop.

    In addition, you can buy it in our Internet Shop for making your order of myVIBS even easier.

  • Can myVIBS help me for relaxing my lips after a concert?

    It is essential to relax the lips after a concert and there are exercises which should be performed but those are normally fairly boring. Using myVIBS you can feel already after 8 minutes how the lips are recovering. myVIBS is a simple and repid means for relaxing your lips.

  • Can myVIBS contribute to the strengthening of my lip muscles?

    If myVIBS is used regularly, the vibrations of myVIBS are activating the lip muscles. In this way the usage of myVIBS complements efficiently the daily exercises.

  • How can the same device serve for relaxation and strengthening?

    myVIBS is an electro-mechanical device inducing vibratory movements of the lips. If the lips are in tension, the vibrations are relaxing these tensions. When the lips are in "normal mode" the vibrations increase the blood circulation which in combination with repeated intentional tension and relaxation of the lip muscles helps to strengthen the muscles.

  • Can myVIBS cause me pain?

    No. myVIBS has been designed especially as a painfree personal trainer for your lip muscles.

myVIBS Relaxation - Never forget me!
myVIBS - Never forget me!

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