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myVIBS Relaxation - Never forget me!

myVIBS is a device which makes the life of wind musicians easier and more comfortable. This innovative device has been registered for international patents. It is intended for use by wind musicians of any kind and condition: for beginners as well as for professionals, for players of clarinets and saxophones (single reed), oboes and bassoons (double reed) as well as for players of trumpets, cornets, horns, trombones and tuba.

Using myVIBS every day - for about 8 minutes only - you will recognize an improvement of your musical performance.

myVIBS can be used in two different ways:

  • At any time of the day for training and strengthening of the lip muscles.
  • After a concert or after a training session as a means for faster relaxation.

myVIBS has been tested by musicians of all ages and playing different kinds of wind instruments noting already at the outset a clear improvement in terms of physical performance as well as concerning the psychological well-being.

myVIBS Relaxation - Never forget me!

myVIBS is a device designed and developed to assist in the training and relaxation of the muscles of the mouth, which allows you to have both hands free and which can be used to terminate a session of music, when the tone exercises to relax the muscles may seem boring.

With myVIBS you are relaxing and recovering while you clean your instrument.

myVIBS Relaxation - Never forget me!
myVIBS - Never forget me!

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