myVIBS Relaxation - Never forget me!

Who we are

4iTECH is a newly established company, with office Berlin, which counts among its professionals a team of German and Spanish engineers. The first major project we have developed has been the creation of our device myVIBS, to help wind instrumentalists, both for relaxation and for training.

For many years, we have studied the sufferings resulting from overexertion of lips by wind musicians. Confirmed by statistics, over 40% of them suffer from a condition in the mouth area and subsequently fail to regain their initial tone.

A major problem is the rupture of the orbicular muscle of the lips, known as "Satchmo syndrome", a syndrome named in honor of the famous trumpeter Louis Armstrong, who called "Satchmo" in the jazz clubs and who suffered from this kind of problem.

The orbicular muscle is very fragile and normally not ready to withstand the efforts required to play a wind instrument, especially on the high notes. Too much effort may produce symptoms such as pain, swelling and fatigue in the first place and can in a second step come to affect the morphology of the mouth and cause malocclusion (teeth misplaced).

At 4iTECH we have spent many hours researching this phenomenon and we have tried to find the solution for improving the quality of life of the wind instrumentalists. Therefore, as we are very sensitive to this problem, we have developed our product myVIBS.

myVIBS Relaxation - Never forget me!
myVIBS - Never forget me!

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